Platinum Express

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ELD Equipped
All of our Trucks are equipped with ELD's.
GPS Tracking
All of our equipment has real time tracking 24/7.
Satisfactory Rating
We stay in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
Our Safety Manager has over 10 years experience in the trucking industry.

Serving 11 Western States

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our trucking services are reliable and backed by guaranteed services that have every option you need to get your cargo to destination on time and intact. It’s part of how we can achieve a 98% on-time performance level. Even though we service most of the 48 states, there are lanes that we move freight in frequently. This gives our company advantages over other transportation companies in these lanes. When you run your equipment in the same areas frequently, you have the advantage of familiarity. This familiarity cuts down on out-of-route miles, delays, and fuel prices. “All of these advantages break down to a cheaper operating cost in these lanes, and ultimately a more competitive rate to our customers.”